Most artists not only make art but collect art as well. Art collecting often becomes an extension of the artist's passions and influences. I also pursue both making and collecting art ( and like many others, I collect for the intimate daily experience of living with art. 

Collecting art is not simply amassing material. Collectors normally stay within a set range of bookend interests that strike a cord in them and is generally a reflection of their personal sensibilities.  My "bookend" collecting interests include works on paper, primarily photography, lithography and etchings, from Chicago's art scene c. 1960s-70s.  Like any artist, Vivian Maier was a reflection of the time and place in which she worked, which also coincides with the time and place I favor most.


Sadly, with the recent controversy over the assignment of copyright to Vivian Maier's work, I have decided to terminate the Vivian Maier project.  The reason to discontinue is to avoid potential and ongoing financial hardships that the project cannot support along with similar concerns for our affiliates.  Burdening an already complex project with distractions, the chilling effect brought on by the actions of others has undermined our project's ability to perform in a responsible and professional manner. 

Vivian Maier's body of work has captured a life force. I would like to think that the Vivian Maier project had done the same. Vivian Maier's photography coupled with the passion of those captivated by her work has created an incredible global synergy in the art community. Anne Zakaras (Project Coordinator), Ron Gordon and Sandra Steinbrecher (Darkroom Printers), and I wish to express our sincere appreciation for everyone's participation in creating this synergy. You have allowed us the wonderful opportunity to share this, "once in a hundred years" art experience with you!

With sincere appreciation,

Jeffrey Goldstein
Anne Zakaras
Vivian Maier Prints Inc.